Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PPMs for latest Wx rolling out.

After a gap approaching 11 months the wxPerl site for Wx related PPMs is being refreshed with the latest versions of Wx and supporting modules.

I've included Perl 5.8 and 5.10 in the builds as it turned out to be not much extra work so now PPMs are  available for ActivePerl 5.8 through 5.16.

If you have not taken a look at Wx for a while it may be worth a return visit. In particular the availability of an up to date Wx::PdfDocument  is an interesting useful addition with extensive example code included for Wx::Demo.

Current users might also like to try modules built against the latest release of wxWidgets 2.9.4 by pointing the PPM client at the development repository.

PPMs for MS Windows 64 and 32 bit are currently available. Linux and Mac OSX builds will be uploaded soon.

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